Join Us On The Business Level.. It is the 40-40-20 plan And Get Discount travail.. We Pay your Dues for Three years.. Gold Works while your Cash is melting..

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John Wakefield

We do not promote Gold Coins.. Or Gold Jewelry for investment.. The mark Up is about 1000% for jewerly.. Why? To hard to get your money out in a emergency situation.. The Gold Price Is What ever it is at the time of sale.. On the open market.. Plus the premium you paid to the suppler.. Usually 20% or more for coins..

On Top of that you are holding a specific Coin from A Specific Country.. It leans to be more of a collectors item.. So it makes getting any profit harder....

Our Mind set at "Project All Safe" Is 10 Quick Dimes Is Better Than one slow Dollar.... And the best way to save that Dollar is "Hide it in Gold" The rich and famous have been doing it from the beginning of time..

Now its Our Turn.. As we grow and be come better known We are building our own Gold Economy..

We are not about fast growth and quick profits.. We are about Long term.. life changing results for regular folks.. And that takes Time..

We own our own Gold and at Present are a "Mom And Pop" Hobby Shop.. With Singleness of purpose.. We are always on the look out for qualified "Team members".. But It is only for those with Patriotic Inclinations.. That Understand.. " And For The Republic For Which It Stands".. "We are of the spirit of America" Even after being "took" By Our Gov.. ( To Contact Us  and see if you fit in and believe That a better future can be built one family at a time.. World Wide..

  For More Details.. Or TO JOIN US.. Phone Us  At  6328474566 or Text at 09183146824.. Or On face Book At.  ..

Learning that The Gold Gram Business was approved for Philippines And USA, Canada ,Mexico And Many More.. And Insight came how to do it and make Thousand of $$ over spot.. I Was all in.. And Teaching folks the same thing.. And Best Of all ?.. giving new members Gold at cost.. It works automatically.. Why ? We Promote it for our paid members.. we can do it for Any one who can count and use a calculator.. And understands simple English..

 Part Time Or Full Time.. We Can Get you Started On Any Level You Want..

We Furnish every thing that our Members need to be profitable..

 When You Join Our Gold Exchange On the Business Level.. It Becomes Your Gold Exchange.. All of our Stuff be comes yours to.. It is like owning your own crew.. Contact Us at 6328474577 .. or text at:09183146824 .. Also Face Book at:  

 We are steps ahead  of the over priced Gold Clubs..We Are Not M L M.. We are Inter National .. And can Serve You Any Way You Need.. Including Getting You Your Own Gold Mine.. Each Membership is crafted for your needs.. Just tell us what you want to accomplish.. If You want income for referring friends and or family you can earn a "whooping" 40 % Paid to your Pay pal or Credit Card..( see The 40-40-20 plan At the Top )

Our Membership is private people doing good things with affordable gold .We keep our information tight for the benefit and security of our members.. Think About This "The Big Company's Like K B International" and others Make Up to $10,000 per ounce for gold gram bars (That is on first time enrolled members)  Example: Depending on which of their packages you start with.. It is like this.. 31 grams in one troy ounce of gold.. 31 people buy the 300$ package.. Then you buy your Brochures  marketing tools etc.. you Will have more than $1500 in your Gold Gram Business.. And No Herbs And Supplements..

With us you will pay only true cost For Your Gold.. Herbs etc.. Our all Inclusive membership is only $997.00 $2.73Dollar's a day And You Can Order Up to One Ounce Of gold  each month.. That is 372 gram bars.. that can possibly bring You Back a max of..$ 20,460.00 .. Each Membership is designed for the members needs.. And Business Model.. No Cookie cutter Stuff Here..

 You can Protect your cash.. And Help some kids to.. We can design a fund raising project for any one With Our Gold Gram Cards.. Personalized  for your business, School Or Ministry..


  All Gold is not found equally.. We support and help small scale minors as  funds are available.. We  are a family  Gold exchange.. Not an investment Company.. Join us to help "Small Scale Minors.. Our 40-40-20 plan is the most fair and transparent Gold Program On line or on Land.. We are a "Brick And Morter Location Available to our members Just Ask It is About Security..  We have Gold  at cost to help people save Money The Easy Way..Try Our Sample Membership.. Saving Gold is easy..

It is better to "say I am glad I did !!   Rather Than I Wish I had Of..

Our Creed is "Health Wealth And Well being" Is Worth having.. And it usually requires making good life style changes..

Anna And I Promote Good Things That Have Worked for us over the years..

The Eltro therapy was first invented by John Wesley in the Seventeen Hundreds.. And he had many  Healing's and cures as direct result of electro therapy..

 Common colds, Flue and other viruses etc Cured in Minutes.. To Day We have reports from Pakistan, Africa, Philippines And USA.. That the Box has cured.. Tuberculosis, Aids And A Long List of Debilitating Diseases..

Contact us for Proof.. And history of elctro therapy.. Missionaries  World wide use the "Box" When Healing by prayer does not come quickly.. In Pakistan Hospitals Complain Because the lost Business..

Colds, flue and other viruses Cured in 3-5 minutes.. .. Cancers, Parkinson's Polio and others Reported Cured In a  weeks..

  1.   Contact Us With Any Questions @ 6328474566.. Or 09183146824

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