Who  are  the  “ Son’s  Of  Liberty  International ”?

We are private people world wide that have many and varied interest that center around Health , Wealth And Wellbeing. We are a brick and mortar location.. That also serve our members online..
The "Gold Exchange" is our private effort to help those who want to protect cash and build savings using Gold.

What makes us different than other gold programs..is simple we do not charge paying members a Premium You Buy At Cost plus secure shipping.. Our Gold comes to you in the amount you choose.
From 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 and One Gram.. One Ounce bars are also available.. 
The Cost Of Membership is $997.00 lifetime .. (Please ask specific questions on the contact form.. your satisfaction is guaranteed through Pay pal and our agreement)

We are all individual's that have experienced times of lack and sometimes poverty and enjoy personal wealth better... We are from many walks of life. We have come to the realization that changing our outlook on life can and will give us opportunity that we did not see before.
We claim no perfection within ourself. But eternal principals guide us always.
Our By Laws are simple ;
Love others the same as yourself. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
We are self-governing and look to no outside source for guidance direction or funding.
Our primary mission is help aid and assist others in need when possible and funds permit.
We offer membership to any person.Organization  School or business..
Our members have many and varied interests in Faith , business , health and well-being.

I know the spelling is ?? I quit school and went "Huntin Gold" and found it to..

 The Patches are free when you join "The Gold Exchange..

 Rocks In The Box. Make for a good day..

 For those who Want to recycle some scrap.. Just Ask we have free training..You can make your own 999.9 pure AU If You want To..